SISO training will be provided to all users during AV session times. These are Monday to Friday 10.30am to 11.30am and 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Times subject to change and we will keep these under review.

Equipment can be loaned during these times on an ad-hoc basis for now, with a view to opening up the advanced booking facility in the near future. If you want to book equipment in advance or check availability you can email the Bartlett IT/AV team on

Terms and Conditions

• Equipment must be collected in person from an AV Officer during the set AV session times only.

• Items must be booked out to an individual only. No group bookings.

• Items booked are the responsibility of the person who made the booking. Any loss or damage is the responsibility of the individual and they are liable for the cost of repair or replacement. UCL does not provide any insurance cover for loss or damage. AV Lockers are provided for large items, ask at reception if you need additional padlocks.

• Items cannot be taken overseas without prior permission.

• Most items will be loaned for a maximum of 5 working days. High value camera kits will only be loaned overnight (returned the following working day) and only to those that have attended the photography / videography training sessions.

• Bookings can be extended, but this must be arranged with the AV Officer.

• Items must be returned in the condition that they were loaned and on time.

• Emails are sent automatically reminding you when items are due back. Overdue reminders will be sent every day an item is overdue.

• If an item is more than 3 days overdue the individual will be invoiced for the full replacement value.

• Late returns and misuse of the equipment or booking process will result in removal of loaning privileges. Usually this will be for a set time, usually 1 week. Repeat offenders will be banned until further notice. The AV team will do their best to advise you, if you have any queries please speak to them during AV session times. Please note this is a new facility and we are looking to improve and adapt so feedback is appreciated, but the above may be subject to change.

smarthub terms and conditions of use
As a user of this system registered or otherwise you agree that if for any reason you are unable to use smarthub for the intended purpose then you will contact your store via telephone, email or in person to resolve the problem. SiSo Software Limited are not responsible or liable in any way for any errors, damages or any other loss caused by your usage of this system. For the avoidance of doubt this includes any loss howsoever suffered including negligence or fraud except where such negligence causes death or personal injury.